explode my soul.

One of the privileges of walking through the wilderness together is that you get to celebrate with each other when the Promised Land comes into sight.  The testimony of what God has done for others can either become a stumbling block for comparison or a reminder of his faithfulness to keep his promises.  If we believe that His promises are finite, fulfillment for others lessens his supply and leaves us anxious that there won’t be enough left for us.  We’re afraid our give will be their take, their plenty becomes our lack.

But because we serve a God full of Infinite wisdom, Infinite goodness, the God who is the Infinite Promise Keeper, we are free to celebrate with each other because there is plenty to go around.

I’ll be in North Carolina tonight with these sweet friends.  Celebrating promises kept; reminders that God is faithful, the land is good, and the journey is worth it.

If you’re near Greensboro, come join us at The Carolina Theater.  Details at jonathanhelser.com.

31 days of truth.

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